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How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Travelling is always an adventure and we all love a good adventure, right? Our heart is pumping, our mind bustling and our souls happy. However, our body sometimes can’t catch up with all the changes and exciting things we might be up to. That’s why so many people (me included) get sick while travelling.

While in Asia, my body wasn’t really happy with all the food I was feeding it. Even though we watched everything we ate, feeding off restaurant food wasn’t always a good option (although usually our only one).

Now in Europe, I noticed that I haven’t gotten sick even for one single day. And believe me, we were in some pretty ‘rough’ conditions (compared to sunny South East Asia): like sleeping in a camper van in low temperatures while in Ireland or touring Paris under freezing rain.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that you can do to help your body stay healthy while travelling. Here are my tips!

How to Stay Healthy When Traveling

Get some rest!

Rest Up | Stay Healthy When Travelling

One of the things we always forget to do when travelling is to stay kick back and relax. At the beginning of our trip all we did was to explore and go around at our nearly arrived destination. But that left us tired to the point of exhaustion in a few weeks. It wasn’t until our 3rd month that we realised we need to lift our foot off the accelerator and chill out. Getting some time to relax is fine and should be part of your traveling ‘routine’. Give plenty of time for your body to rest and energise again.

Drink water!

Drinking water was one of the most difficult things to keep track off when on the road. Even in hot climates, we just didn’t remember to do! Which can be very dangerous, specially if you are under the sun for long periods of time or sweating too much. Always drink water (preferably from a filter or safe source).

Eat fresh!

Stay Healthy When Travelling

Eating fresh while of the go may seem complicated but wherever you are, you can always buy some fresh fruits on a market or grocery store near you. Eating fruits and even some veggies on the go (like carrots) are a simple way of making sure you have your 5 portions of fruit/veggie per day. And also ingesting much needed fiber and nutrients.

Dress accordingly!

One of the things I’ve noticed unfortunately is that I under-packed for the cold weather in Europe. That left me shivering and borrowing clothes from friends we were staying at. It saved me but believe me, you body hates being too cold (or too hot) and you can definitely get sick if you don’t warm up and protect yourself. (Special thanks to all my friends who handed me some warm clothes in London & Paris! Phew…)

Cook at ‘home’!

If you can and have the opportunity to cook where you are staying (like a friend’s place or a hostel, home with kitchen) take a little time to make a delicious and nutritious meal yourself. It’s a lot better for your body (and your pocket too).

Don’t forget to snack!

Stay Healthy When Travelling

Snacking throughout your day is important and helps your body stay fuelled up for the many activities you are probably doing. Either pack from home or buy on the go some nuts and dried fruits which are rich in fibre, minerals and nutrients and are super easy to have in hand. You’ll never know when will be your next meal, so better safe than sorry!

Slow down on the Alcohol!

Drinking is mostly fun but it takes a heavy toll on your body. Try to break your drinking routine (if you have one at all) and make sure to have some alcohol-free days or drink only on the weekends. And remember to help your body process all that booze by drinking water in between your pretty cocktails to keep your body hydrated.

Eat Local (but keep an eye for suspicious activity)!

Stay Healthy When Travelling

Travelling is all about experimenting the local life and food…but keep an eye for suspicious offenders, like:

  • Stalls that have food displayed waiting to be served. Always ask for fresh.
  • Stalls with food ready or in ‘bulk’ (see previous item).
  • Look for busy businesses as those have highest turn-over and food will always be fresh.
  • Don’t eat anything that’s ready cut (like fruits). Always buy fruits that you can peel yourself or that you’re sure it’s safe to eat.
If the ‘Belly-Bug’ got you, rest up!

If you’ve travelled to Asia or South America before you’ve probably gotten sick (ahem on the throne) at least once. If that happens, let your body do its thing and rest up. Drink plenty of water and eat light (if you can). If symptoms persist or you think there’s something seriously wrong, look for a doctor.


Traveling is an unique opportunity and if you have the chance, just go! Remember to keep an eye on your body but never forget to have fun!

Stay Healthy When Travelling | Eat Yourself Green

Have these tips helped you? Or do you have a great tip too?! Share them on the comments, I’d love to hear from you!

Larissa x

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