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Eat Yourself Green offers Plant-Based and  Zero Waste private classes and Pantry Organisation sessions on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Byron Bay area.

We offer packages or combined classes solutions if you wish to incorporate a more holistic approach to your sustainable lifestyle.

All classes are personalised and unique to your lifestyle and requirements. I will get to know you better before crafting a tailored option for you.

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Plant-Based Basics

Are you a vegetarian enthusiast but always puzzled by what to eat? Are you constantly looking for recipes  but feel overwhelmed by never knowing what to cook? This class is perfect for those who want to make a lifestyle change but struggle to take the first step.

The Vegetarian/Vegan Basics class is a 101 opportunity to learn the basics of cooking while avoiding waste and creating delicious vegetarian and vegan meals.

With this class you’ll learn to understand your ingredients, swap animal-based ingredients to plant-based ones, keep your produce fresh and store it correctly, create a meal plan and much more…

You’ll walk out of this private and personalised class with confidence to create your own meals and discover a new range of flavours and options available in a plant-based diet.

PLUS: you’ll get lifetime access to all Eat Yourself Green’s private resources, including any future updates.

Zero Waste Basics

Do you want to reduce your waste? Create a more sustainable home and reduce your environmental footprint? The Zero Waste Basics is perfect for people who want to make a lifestyle change but struggle to take the first step.

The Zero Waste Basics offers a practical approach to daily issues we face as we try to reduce our waste and environmental footprint.

In this class, you’ll learn how to make simple swaps, create a zero waste home, make your own homemade cleaning and beauty products and where to buy ethical and sustainable products plus much more.

PLUS: you’ll get lifetime access to all Eat Yourself Green’s private resources, including any future updates.

Pantry Organisation

Do you want a clean and organised pantry? Or maybe you want to create less waste? The Pantry Organisation is a hands on approach to create a decluttered pantry.

I’ll clean and organise your pantry and teach you a few tricks to keep your kitchen zero waste and plastic free. It will help you plan your meals and shopping better and waste less. Plus, I’ll share the best spots to buy bulk foods and how to reduce waste when shopping.

The process takes around 2-4 hours depending on the size of your kitchen/pantry.

Workshops & Talks

Workshops are a great way of learning several new recipes, handy tips for everyday life and life-changing resources. If you wish to contact me to create a personalised workshop together with your brand and/or business, let’s chat!

Workshops on the Gold Coast and Brisbane will be available in the coming months and I’ll post updates and more information on Eat Yourself Green’s Facebook page.

For other services, such as talks, presentations and customised classes, please contact me directly here.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are also available now! Give a gift that is sure to create change and enjoy th

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Plant-Based Basics
  • Understand your Ingredients
  • Pantry Essentials
  • Learn to Meal Prep Effectively
  • Get Cooking
  • Seasonal Produce
  • Food Swaps
  • Much more...
Zero Waste Basics
  • Reduce Waste at Home and Out
  • Buy Less, Buy Better
  • Make your own Beauty & Cleaning Products
  • Start your Own Compost
  • Shop Zero Waste
  • Sustainable swaps
  • Much more...
Pantry Organisation
  • Organise your pantry
  • Shop better
  • Reduce waste
  • Plan your meals better
  • Less clutter < more time
  • And more...

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