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Exploring Jerusalem with Bitemojo

Jerusalem with Bitemojo

As some of you may know, Jean and I were visiting Israel for a little while. While we wandered around the old streets of Jerusalem, we have to eventually stop for a bite. And what a good place for it, I tell ya!

Jerusalem is an incredible place, geographically, politically and spiritually speaking. Bordered by deserts and the Mediterranean Sea, Israel is a giant melting pot of religions, cultures and obviously, food!

Jerusalem with Bitemojo Jerusalem with Bitemojo

With so much to see and do in one of the Holiest Places in the world, we had the pleasure (and luck) to explore the city with Bitemojo! Alright, so now you are probably wondering what the heck Bitemojo is, right? Glad you asked…

Bitemojo is an app that can take you to a complete tour while you eat your way through the city. It’s actually a very simple concept which we had the opportunity to try first hand while we stayed in Jerusalem.

With Bitemojo we could open the app, purchase our preferred tour (vegetarian options available) and start touring around town on your own while you discover hidden gems and secret spots while you eat your way around town.

Sounds interesting?

Well, the great thing about it, it’s completely up to you when and where you’d like to go (you don’t have to follow a strict schedule) without having to worry about being stuck with a guide or doing anything you don’t like. You also have super relevant info about the places you are visiting plus history and cultural information on other important places around the area you will be exploring!

But enough talk now. I need to show you what exactly we were up to while we ate around the in the Old City of Jerusalem.

  1. The BEST hummus in town

    Our first stop was at one of the oldest hummus shops in Jerusalem. Just off the Damascus gate, we headed down the road and found a smiley man an a bunch of eager customers chomping down their pita breads and hummus. The owner, ____ greeted us with a warm welcome and excited to see us trying their famous dish. We promptly sat down and were served a plate with a generous portion of hummus, pickles, Spanish onions and delicious warm falafel. On the side, 2 freshly baked pita breads that made me smile from one eat to the other! We ate so much so we couldn’t fit a single breath of air anymore…and that was just our first bite!
    Jerusalem with Bitemojo Jerusalem with Bitemojo

  2. Crunchy muslim cookies

    Heading to our next stop, we visited a non-stop bakery in the heart of Jerusalem. The owners were busy serving customers that would not stop coming through the doors. For our delight, they handed us a bag to grab whichever cookies we pleased. Plus we had a delicious traditional mint tea to accompany our sweet treats.

    Jerusalem with Bitemojo

    Cookies & Mint Tea

  3. The bite with a view

    Our 3rd stop on our tour came with nice surprises. To get to our next bite, we crossed an alley packed with history we would never find in a typical tour. After reading a bit about the ‘they are not nice’ alley, we found ourselves in a posh location and drooling for the jaw-dropping view it offered. A nice table of cheeses and fruit, complimented by Israeli wine was the perfect setting for a ‘snack’ at the Notre Dame of Jerusalem.

    Jerusalem with Bitemojo

    Jerusalem with Bitemojo

    And a delicious Cheese Platter

  4. Getting fancy at Luciana

    For our last stop, we visited the fancy Italian restaurant, Luciana in front of Jaffa Gate. A beautifully decorated restaurant with fabulous Mediterranean food where we had a choice of two drool-worthy starters. We obviously shared our dishes so we could try both and it was so worth it! We super recommend this trip for couples (super romantic indeed!).

    Jerusalem with Bitemojo

    Beetroot Ravioli

    Jerusalem with Bitemojo

    Polenta with Wild Mushrooms

In total, our tour had 6 stops for 5 bites + 1 beer but unfortunately we didn’t have enough time for it all (sad face). The good thing though, is that we can reuse our unused bites for our next tour. And every time we rate our ‘eats’, we get points too that can be used for a future tour in a new city.

If you want to learn more and check if you have any tour available around you, head to Bitemojo to find our next delectable tour!

Where would you like to Eat Your Way Through?

Peace & Love,


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*Tours start from €25 and usually include 4 to 6 bites!
**Thanks to Bitemojo. All opinions are my own.


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  • Reply
    Birthe (from Wandering the World)
    13/04/2017 at 5:57 pm

    We tried Bitemojo in Jerusalem as well a couple of weeks ago and are absolutely hooked! It’s such a simple, but genius concept. Looking forward to welcoming them in Belgium too one day. 🙂 We did the same tour and the hummus was indeed the best bite on the tour, so soft and yummy, with delicious pita bread. Too bad you didn’t have time to head to the beer shop. It was tiny but cosy, and had tons of beers and a friendly owner (or “bartender”). The Belgian Waffle was good, but you better have them in Belgium, there even better here. :p If you’re interested you can check out our post about the Bitemojo Food Tour in Jerusalem to see what you missed out on. 😉
    Greetings from Belgium!

    • Reply
      Larissa Tedesco
      13/04/2017 at 10:52 pm

      Oh sounds awesome! These guys made quite an impression I guess! Looking forward to try the in Berlin I hope. Can wait for them to take over the world! Hehe

      Will check your post soon! Thanks for popping by!

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