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Hi there,

My name is Larissa and I love cooking (ok… I love eating too)! Here, I share my favourite recipes and ‘green’ tips.

My journey on vegetarianism began over 3 years ago when I started to get more and more informed about the food industry and ended up watching Food INC for the first time, that was enough to change my views overnight (quite literally).

On the very next day, I decided I would no longer support the industry and eat meat again.

After these years I’m extremely glad for each day I decided to take on this challenge. I feel energised, lighter and happier for being able to ‘help’ the planet (hey, every small step counts) and provide information to others.
I’m so happy that I can see my efforts are having an impact in other people’s lives. And although the change looks small, I know I’m benefiting the planet I live and the lives of the people I love.
Even my partner (who actually made this good-looking blog) is now vegetarian… Win, win!


About Eat Yourself Green

I believe we all have the responsibility to share the knowledge we have with others. And from what I found out during this short period of time is that a lot of people out there, still have a big stereotyped idea about having a healthy or wholesome lifestyle or simply no knowledge whatsoever about it.

Which comes down to why I started my account on Instagram and now to write this blog.
So here I am, writing to you and sharing some recipes & tips for a healthy life.

But why Eat Yourself Green?

Since becoming vegetarian, I’ve wanted to make everything I was eating and consuming healthy, natural, errr green. So Eat Yourself Green was born!

All recipes you’ll find here are vegetarian, mostly vegan and for sure all delicious!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to have a heads up on what is ahead, you can start browsing the recipes here
and some of my beauty tips, travel adventures and more: here.

Hope you all enjoy this blog I made with lots of tender loving care.

Please feel free to comment, give opinions and suggestions or perhaps even work with me.
I would love to hear from you so, head down here and let’s connect!
Peace and love,

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‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ ~ Ghandi

Disclaimer: I’m in no way a practitioner, nutritionist or certified health professional. I’m just sharing the knowledge I have in the lifestyle I lead, which is based in a plant, whole, organic and fresh diet.


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