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Product Review: The Nordgreen Women’s Watch


Let’s be honest here, I’m not the type of ‘influencer’ (argh, I hate this term) that will go on about selling you crap on Instagram.

Every brand I’ve EVER worked with was always researched, dissected and tried and tested before I recommend it to you. So, yes I was a little hesitant at first to promote a watch on my sustainability page. But I couldn’t be happier I did.

About Nordgreen

Nordgreen is a Danish company that makes watches designed by Jakob Wagner in true Danish fashion. With a minimalist and simple yet timeless design, their watches are made to last.

Apart from the great minimalistic design, they also offer the option to swap the straps, meaning you can change the look of the watch without having to buy several different watches. Just change up the bands and you can change their look completely. They also just released a vegan leather band which is gorgeous!

Their great quality stands out and they also offer 24 months warranty to ensure they can fix any issues in manufacturing. This is also great practice in a circular economy and ensures that a product is fixed rather than thrown out (PS: you should always fix it).

The watch I picked is the Infinity with a silver mesh which is both super elegant and casual to use everyday or to a more dressed up event.

About Giving Back Program

But all in all, my favourite part about having a Nordgreen is being able to pick a charity to support. With Nordgreen’s Giving Back Program you are able to pick a charity you would like to ‘give back’ once you receive your watch.


It’s pretty simple. Once you get your watch, you use your Serial Number & Identification Number which comes on the back on the watch and with your certificate of authenticity (respectively) and enter the details to pick the charity you’d like to support.

There’s an option for 3 different organisations: Water for Good, to provide clean water to the Central African Republic. Pratham UK which offers 2 months of free education to a child in India. And the Cool Earth project which helps preserve 200sqft of rain forest in Latin America.

I chose the latter, but all programs are incredibly important and will make a difference in peoples lives.

The reason I chose to support Nordgreen and their Giving Back Program is simply because I truly believe that corporations have a bigger responsibility in creating change and making a positive impact in society. So we need to start supporting businesses like Nordgreen that have programs like this in place.

That’s not to say that you should go around shopping just because a company offers a ‘feel good’ counterpoint to your purchase. But if you do have to, choose companies that are making their part to support great initiatives like the Giving Back Program.

I’m very excited to have the chance to talk a little more about that and I was super happy to partner with Nordgreen to offer you a 15% discount on their amazing products by simply using the code: EATYOURSELFGREEN15.

Click here to check out their beautiful watches and bundles.


Peace and love,

Larissa x

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PS: This beautiful watch was gifted by Nordgreen but all opinions are mine.

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