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5 Valentine Inspired Recipes to Show Your Love

Bowl of Strawberries

Valentine’s Day is literally just a few days away and if you haven’t thought of anything to do, why not make some delicious (and super quick) recipes to give to your sweetheart?

Or perhaps you are in need of some tender loving care yourself? Then these recipes are JUST what you need!

To make things easy, I’ll be quick and the recipes I’m sharing will be like that too. So no need to freak out or spend hours on the kitchen with your hands dirty. Brush it off all these recipes in 40 minutes or less!

Let’s get this started then, shall we?

5 Valentine-Inspired Recipes to Show Your Love

Start the day with a lovely and delightful Raspberry Smoothie that only takes 5 minutes to pull together!

Pretty in Pink Smoothie

Raspberry Smoothie

Vegan Strawberry Body Scrub

Still looking for a zero-waste, easy-to-make gift for your sweetheart? What about a homemade Vegan Strawberry Body Scrub? Perfect to moisturise and hydrate the skin…

Vegan Body Scrub

Vegan Florentine

Ready to go for the main? Well, this recipe is the perfect fit! Just 1 pot & 30 minutes to get ready.

Vegan Florentine Pasta

Oat & Strawberry Truffles

This truffle is the perfect match for a Valentine gift. Quick and super easy to make, they can be made gluten-free and are also vegan and nut free!

Oat Strawberry Truffles

Raw Chocolate Tart

What is Valentine’s Day without heaps of chocolate? (Nothing, I’d say…) So here’s another dessert that’s a breeze to pull together and you can personalise them to suit your eye-candy (or you) as you wish!

Raw Chocolate Tart

So here are my best recipes for this Valentine’s Day! Which one will you make? Share the results on the comments or on Instagram using the #eatyourselfgreen! Looking forward to see it all!

And Happy Valentine’s Day! ?

Pin it for later!

Pin it for later!

Peace and love,

Larissa x

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