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Why You Should Never Set Foot in a Zoo

When I became vegetarian 3 years ago, I obviously decided to not take part in more animal abusive entertainment.  It was obvious to me that if I didn’t want to eat the animals, I should also not want them enslaved in tiny cells so I could take some selfies.

Now that I’m travelling around South East Asia, it seems like I have to swerve around to avoid jumping into one of those cruel shows!

There are zoos everywhere! But not only zoos. There are bird parks, croc farms, elephant rides, dolphin aquariums, monkey shows and so on…
The majority of the animals suffer neglect, lack contact with fellow mates, don’t have adequate environment and most of them suffer abuse and/or are drugged (hint hint: pet-able tigers anyone?).

animal attractions
animal attractions 3

Why You Should Never Set Foot in a Zoo

My heart physically aches when I see these beautiful, sentient beings locked up or tied by a chain. And they are stamped all over the tourist information stalls and cover almost half the ads on free maps given away. I oftentimes wonder how popular are they and why are they still allowed. But I realised that they only exist because people still want to use them!

Thankfully, TripAdvisor already decided to phase out sales of animal attractions in several destinations around the world. And they will continue doing so by creating an educational portal to create awareness of animal abuse in the tourist destinations.

But we need to do more! As consumers and residents of this world, we have 2 important tools: the tools of investment and the tools to educate.

One is simple: choose not to participate in cruel activities and do not finance or purchase damaging tourist attractions that employ the use of enslaved animals.
The other one, may take a bit more time but will render fruitful outcomes. We need to educate people about animal abuse. Each of us have to teach others about the reality behind ‘pretty’ or ‘cute’ shows and animals performances. It’s not safe, neither for the animal nor the trainers. They are inhumane and they disturb the ecosystem and the very animals that are imprisoned and enslaved by people’s profit.

So please, don’t finance this environmental crime committed everyday, everywhere in the world. Don’t buy tickets to circuses that uses animals, don’t go to SeaWorld or any other maritime park that keep dolphins, orcas and seals, don’t ride elephants in Thailand, neither pet a tiger in Vietnam.
Animals are aren’t things for our entertainment.

Use your power to raise a voice for those who can’t.


Elephants in Thailand, held captive by a chain.

Peace & Love,

Larissa x

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