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How to Maintain your Sanity (and Optimism) in a Negative World

How to Maintain your Sanity (and Optimism) in a Negative World

Today’s post is a conversation that is mostly neglected in our community. But I feel like we need to break up with silence and talk about the very serious consequences of being an environmentally-passionate and all-in-all conscious person.

We often talk about how amazing it feels to be part of a community and how great it is to meet like-minded people who share the same passions of ours. But in a community like ours where we are constantly fighting for environmental justice (one way or the other) and continuously work towards making positive change, it can dawn on us that some things are really difficult to change and we unfortunately can’t change everything we wish we could. Like climate change, social injustice, animal abuse and so on (it’s a long list, I know)…

Sometimes, it can be really, really difficult to remain positive and believe me, as a glass half-full kinda girl these things take some time to hit me. But these past weeks have been challenging to say the least. If you are keeping up with the news recently, you may have seen that the UN released a new report with very dim predictions in regards to global warming.

Moreover, as a Brazilian citizen things aren’t looking much better (if global warming isn’t terrifying enough), the rise of a far-right fascist politician is taking the lead on the poll and most possibly getting elected the new president. This is not only bad for the Brazil as whole in all aspects but violence against minorities is already happening and it’s getting harder and harder to find hope in a change for the better.

Nevertheless, I’m not here today to bring you more bad news (sorry I just did) but even though this week was really difficult for me to stomach so many negatives, I had to stop and take a few deep breath to keep going. I also had a little cry and felt a little desperate too.

How to Maintain your Sanity (and Optimism) in a Negative World

Then it hit me. If I give up now, then who will continue the fight? Who will keep working towards a better future? One of the few things that keeps me going is the hope that if we created all this mess, we sure can fix it, right?

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ‘
~ Margaret Mead

Moreover, this post today isn’t about negativity but more on self-care. And how you can care for yourself before going on kicking ass and fighting for what you believe! So let’s get down to it.

How to Maintain your Sanity (and Optimism) in a Negative World

  1. Put it out there
    It’s important that we put our feelings out there. Don’t bottle them up and expect them to stay there for so long. Have a chat with a friend, a significant other, hell, even with a stranger. Pour yourself out and make your concerns heard. If you don’t think anyone will understand you, hit me up! I’ll hear your cry.
  2. Take time off from social media
    Everyone needs a time off, specially in such a time. Social media is a daunting and oftentimes a toxic place. We are constantly bombarded with news of all kinds and usually the ones who make the headlines are the negative one. So remember to take time off every now and then.
  3. Meditate
    Meditating is one of the best ways to stay focused, present and grateful. Making it a daily practice is even better. Meditation is proven to help you be more appreciative and will help you on your daily journey.
  4. Spoil yourself
    Every Friday, after a long week I like take some time to myself. I spoil myself with a warm bath, a facial, a delicious treat, or painting/crafting/insert a hobby here. It’s essential that we look after ourselves and treating ourselves is an important part to it.
  5. Eat well
    Eating well is so important for our health and general wellbeing, so never forget to nourish your body daily with nutritious and delicious food.
  6. Rest enough
    Getting a good night sleep is essential for functioning well and so important for your wellbeing, so don’t neglect a good shut eye (at least 7 hours sleep generally). So you can wake up…
  7. Keep fighting
    And keep up the good fight! We can’t forget that we are part of the change and we need to keep working and sharing our light. The world needs more people who care enough to make a change!

If you got through this list and through this (almost very sad) post, I salute you and invite you to join a community group, volunteer at a local shelter, help someone you don’t know, donate your time or money and keep fighting!

Thanks for what you are doing! Let’s keep going!

Peace & Love,

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