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Let’s Talk: Zero Waste Period

Zero Waste Period | Eat Yourself Green

It’s time to talk about periods, peeps. Since I last talked about my menstrual cup, so many good products appeared to make our lives a little easier on said time of the month.

Periods are a natural part of our lives and half of the population has them, so it was finally time that more options were created to give period-having people more sustainable options.

Like I said when I talked about the menstrual cup, on average we use around 11,000 menstrual products in our lifetime (LIKE WHAT?!). Now considering that you only use disposable ones, that’s 11,000 pieces of waste straight into landfill. Honestly, if that’s not bloody scary for you, I don’t know what is.

To give you some options on what to do to avoid all that waste, I’ve been searching for different reusable options. And I can tell you that the number of options increased significantly in recent years, which is amazing news for all of us.

After a lot of testing, I’m happy to report that I’ve found some pretty sweet options that make having a period a whole lot easier and lot less wasteful.

Zero Waste Period

Menstrual cups:

Zero Waste Period | Eat Yourself Green

Menstrual cups were all the hype a few years ago as they started to gain momentum and a lot of attention. I first bought my cup about 4 years ago and it was a revolution to me. I felt confident and carefree knowing that I didn’t have to change throughout the day, emptying it twice a day only was liberating. Not to mention the fact that you stop contributing to the waste that those products create. I even wrote a post when I first got it and cited all the pros and cons for the cup. But I get it that the cup is not for everyone, so here are some other options.

Reusable pads:

Reusable pads are exactly like a regular pad, but reusable. Made generally with cotton, the pad is sewed with a layer of waterproof material and an extra padding for absorption. And I love it because unlike regular single use pads, they don’t stink as much (not sure why, but I’m taking it). I also really enjoy the fact that they are much softer and gentler on your skin. Plastic pads usually don’t let your skin breath and they add to the injury when we are talking about periods, right?

Zero Waste Period | Eat Yourself Green

I have one to use at the end of my period, kind of like a liner or a back up for my cup. But there are options for heavier periods, just as you would find your regular pads. I highly recommend the Cloth Fairy. She hand makes them and they are so comfortable a fit perfectly on your undies.

Period underwear:

In recent years, a new option arrived and I’m here for it! Period underwear is the next best thing invented after pizza and I love it for a few reasons. No hassle in having to fit a pad or tampon when you are out, you are already wearing them! They fit like a normal pair of underwear and you don’t have to worry about weird marks or something hanging out when it shouldn’t. And there are options for all stages of your period, even for the heaviest. It’s honestly such a great relief to feel comfortable and safe that nothing is going to happen. I recently found out about a new brand that’s local (to me) and they make period underwear in cute designs for teens, adults and an active range to keep you covered even at the gym or when you are most active. My Nicker Bot is from the Gold Coast and I particularly loved their nickers because they don’t look like the others, they fit really nicely and have a beautiful cut.

Zero Waste Period | Eat Yourself Green

Finding zero waste options for your period have never been easy but I understand it comes with a higher price tag. They are however, a worthwhile investment for you and the environment if you can make the switch.

Which option would you give it a go? Or what other options are available that you love?

I’d love to hear from you!

Peace and love,

Larissa x

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    Rose D.
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    Menstrual Cups FTW! I might be a little bit biased, but still!

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