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A Lesson from a Monk, the Moon and a Krathong

Today we saw the super moon! The biggest and therefore, closest to the Earth moon in the last 68 years. As we are also in Thailand, more specifically in Phuket, we had a double ‘celebration’. On the 12th full moon of the Thai lunar calendar, Thai people celebrate the Loy Krathong, which most of you probably heard as the ‘Lantern Festival’. If this concoction of mystical events wasn’t enough, we also visited a monastery.

A Lesson from a Monk, the Moon and a Krathong

On the evening of the full moon, thousands gather around the ocean or lakes to place little boat-like container made out of coconut, banana leaves and flowers. There’s usually an incense, candles and a coin as an offering to the water spirits. In other parts of the country, the floating boat turns into a lantern which flies away taking all the bad thoughts and worries up to the sky.

The meaning of the Loy Krathong is to place all anger, hatred and bad thoughts in the containers so they can be washed away. The candles are usually in honour of Buddha. Some also believe that the festival started as a way of thanking the water goddess, Ganga.

Today, we also visited the Big Buddha here in Phuket. A majestic image of Buddha, sitting peacefully at the top of the mountain. It lays there as if it was overlooking the whole town. We also saw monks giving blessings, meditating and preaching their wise teachings.

Mala Beads | Eat Yourself Green

My crystals ready to charge under the full moon & my Mala beads from the Buddhist temple.

So far, what I’ve learnt in this very little time here in Thailand, after visiting Buddhist temples, experiencing a super moon and letting go of floating coconut trunks in a river is: ‘a lesson learned is a lesson earned’.

The Krathong

Like a Krathong floating down the river, let go of what is not needed in your life. Let go of all that is toxic in your life, be it people, actions, thoughts or things.

The Moon

Like the full moon, embrace change. Our life is made of cycles. They start and end. Now it’s time to start a new one and live the present fully and completely.

The Monk

Like a monk, be simple. Simplicity is key to happiness. When you simplify things, you have less to worry and more room to focus and to learn. In life, less is indeed more!

And as for me, a traveller, I’m just soaking it all in. Learning to let go of what I don’t need, getting ready to change every, single day and trying to keep it simple. And last but definitely not least, I’ll keep learning.

Life is always teachings us lessons, that’s how we grow! When we cease to learn is when we cease to live.

Right now, it’s time for change. Our whole world is changing. We are changing. We must let go of what it’s not needed and keep things simple so we can absorb our teachings and grow.

Even now, being in the middle of people I’ve never seen before, in a place I’ve never been before, I can feel that we are all in this together. We are sons and daughters from the same planet Earth and we inhabit this beautiful place together. It’s time we unite as one and prepare for the changes that are yet to come, maintaining our minds free of toxicity and keeping things simple so we can grow together.

As my mother would always tell me, life is a school. We can never stop learning. So as I keep travelling around the world, I’m taking my lessons from everywhere. Be it from a monk, the moon or a Krathong.

Full moon | Eat Yourself Green

Peace & Love,

Larissa x

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