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Sustainable & Local Gift Ideas for Christmas

Sustainable & Local Gift Options for Christmas | Eat Yourself Green

Christmas is a great time of the year. No matter your faith, it’s the time where we all find excuses to get together and spend quality time with loved ones. The problem I see with Christmas is the fact that all the affection and love we are supposed to share with our family and friends needs to be translated in gifts. Materialistic and often times unnecessary gifts are exchanged simply because, that’s the norm.

In our home, we haven’t exchanged gifts in over 3 years and instead we exchange experiences or just nothing…everything we need, we have or have organised ourselves to purchase when the time comes. We rather not spend money on things and instead we save for other plans such as traveling, etc…

Sustainable & Local Gift Ideas for Christmas

I understand that not everyone is keen on not having a gift exchange, that’s why I compiled a list of my favourite brands which you can buy locally (in Australia) and support small businesses that really care for the environment.

Christmas Gift Guide | Eat Yourself Green

Make Something:

Like a painting, pottery, a crochet scrub (who knows?!). Or maybe something a little sweeter, like a Homemade Strawberry Jam or maybe a Chocolate Christmas Granola.

Christmas Gift Guide | Eat Yourself Green

If time is short and you must buy something, make it useful! Like these handy cotton rounds from Ripples by Rhiannon. Or some stainless steel pegs from Best Pegs. I swear by this wooden phone case by Woodu and they make a great gift for guys too. If someone is just starting on their journey through zero waste, a zero waste kit is a great idea. I get a lot of my basics from Biome or Flora & Fauna.

Christmas Gift Guide | Eat Yourself Green

If you must buy something that is neither made by you or useful, make it at least a local purchase to support small businesses. It makes a real difference. Here are some of my favourite:

Laughing Pug

We all love coffee. And there’s nothing better than good, ~local~ coffee. I’ve been obsessed with the Laughing Pug coffee, I managed to bring them to my office. It’s the real deal (and they have the cutest takeaway cups and mugs too).


Living on the coast makes beach towels an essential…and there’s literally nothing better than these towels from Lalen. These are special because of their high absorbency, large size but compact to travel.

Isla and Olive

Although not from Australia, the beautiful Isla & Olive offers reusable and natural skincare with a focus in zero waste practices. All of her products are naturally made and sourced ethically and damn do they look good.

Bhumi Organic

Bhumi creates organic, sustainable cotton goodies, from bedding to bath, all the way to apparel and cosy throws that makes luxurious gifts.

If you need a gift, hope this helps with finding a more sustainable option this holiday season!

Sustainable & Local Gift Ideas for Christmas | Eat Yourself Green

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Happy (eco) Christmas shopping!

Peace & Love,

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