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Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Tips

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Tips

Christmas is just around the corner and now is the time to start packing all those presents (which I hope you haven’t got many). But in case you do, I thought I’d share some ZW gift wrapping tips to help you save a few more trees this year.

Now, you may think that wrapping your little gift in a bit of paper is not gonna make much of a difference. But when you scale the amount of people that each year wrap their gifts during holidays (and other times of the year too) the sheer amount is monstrous! Most of the wrapping paper is usually not recycled but also, lots of resources were used to create the paper.

Before you think that ZW solutions have to be unpractical or simply unappealing but think again. There’s nothing unappealing about trying to be more environmentally friendly.

Here are some of the wrapping techniques I use with most of the stuff I gift. So here are my 5 Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Tips for you to get wrapping this Christmas!

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Tips

1. Furoshiki (Fabric Wrapping Technique)

The Japanese are great in finding mindful ways to deal with simple things in life. One of them is the Furoshiki. This technique uses fabric to wrap all sorts of gifts, in different shapes and sizes. The good thing about using fabric instead of paper is that you can simply reuse it afterwards avoiding waste to head to landfill. If you want to read more and find the perfect way to wrap your gifts in fabric, head here.

Gift Wrapping 1

2. Use plain/brown/unbleached paper

Instead of buying wrapping paper, just use simple unbleached or brown paper. First of all, it’s been kind of a trend in recent years, plus they use less resources than the regular type of wrapping paper. PLUS, you can decorate them in your own way and make them look pretty (and very giftable) with simple things…


3. Decorate Your Gift with Nature

Use nature to add a special touch to your gifts. Use seasonal flowers or just twigs to complement your wrapping and the plus is that you can simply rot or compost. No waste.

Gift Wrapping 5

4. Go Naked

If your gift is beautiful already, just let it show. Use a bow or go without it and let your present be the star.

Gift Wrapping 4

5. Make your own Christmas Bonbons

Thanks to the most beautiful toilet paper in the world, Who Gives A Crap, I’ve got inspired to do my own Christmas Bonbons. These are cute and super easy to make, plus you can recycle them once you finish. Or compost it. Just save your rolls and paper and wrap it up and close it with a ribbon and tie it. Oh, and don’t forget to put some treats and jokes inside and have fun!

Gift Wrapping 6

How do you deal with gift wrapping and other wasteful holidays’ situations? Let me know in the comments and share your tips too!

Merry Christmas!

Zero Waste Gift Wrapping Tips

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