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Easy & Cheap Christmas DIY Decor

Christmas DIY | Eat Yourself Green

Hi all! I know I’ve been absent but moving houses is not an easy feat. Caring for our new home, specially with a relatively large veggie patch has been a little challenging.

I’ve been trying so hard to keep things organised and get all done before Christmas that sometimes I get carried away in making everything perfect. Truth bomb: ya can’t!

Since we will be hosting Christmas at our home for the first time ever, I wanted to make the house look a little more festive without spending money (you know, mortgage) and without filling the house with plastic stuff that will look outdated the next year…

So I walked around the park just outside our home and gathered some native plants to create a few super quick and easy DIY Christmas decor.

A quick trip to Bunnings was also scheduled because once you get a home, Bunnings is your second home, so I got some gold spray paint.

And that was pretty much all I needed.

Easy & Sustainable Christmas DIY Decor

Christmas DIY | Eat Yourself Green

Natural and easy wreath:

Pick several branches from your local trees and wrap around a round structure starting from the bottom and working your way up. If you’d like to make an asymmetric wreath, just place a few other extra branches to one side. Then create a feature by adding golden branches or flowers to add a pop of colour.

Christmas DIY | Eat Yourself Green

Native Flora Table Feature:

Pick local tree branches and flowers and place in a glass jar. Cut to fit and fill up with room temperature water. Close the lid tightly and turn upside down. Add a bow for an extra touch. Try with different flora.

Christmas DIY | Eat Yourself Green

Wall Feature:

Pick a large branch and coat with gold spray (optional step), then wrap lights around the branch. Lastly, hang natural branches, pines or dehydrated oranges. Then add a string to hang the branch.

Christmas DIY | Eat Yourself Green

I hope you enjoyed this (last minute) Christmas ideas and most importantly, that you have a lovely and happy time with you family and friends on this festive season!

Merry Christmas!

Peace & Love,

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