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5 Mindful (and Zero Waste) Valentine’s Ideas

Valentine's Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner again and I’m always trying to create ways to make it a little extra special…because everyday it’s day to celebrate love. However, at this day and age, most of Valentine’s Day goes around spending lots of money on things that usually get used once then thrown out or eating out at a restaurant that will be crowded and you’ll be rushed to get out while.

As my boyfriend already knows, we are not getting each other anything. Instead, I decided to come up with some mindful ideas for Valentine’s Day. And no doubt they’d be also zero waste (oooops!)!

So here are my ideas to surprise even the most environmentally savvy lover <3

5 Mindful (and Zero Waste) Valentine’s Ideas

  1. Serve Breakfast in Bed

    Breakfast in bed is an old but such a gold surprise. Get some flowers from the garden, get some fresh baked bread from your local bakery (don’t forget to take your bag!), make fresh juice, serve coffee, jam and such and start Valentine’s Day with the right foot. It’s a sure way to create a great environment while you both enjoy the moment together!

  2. Sing a Serenade

    I mean…If you can. If not, create a special playlist with all the songs you love or that are important to you both. Enjoy the moment by talking about the good experiences you’ve been through and plan more adventures in the future. Take time to reminisce the moment you both fell in love and what you love most about the other. Chat, laugh and discover more about what you love in each other. Meanwhile…

  3. Cook Him/Her Special Meal

    Put your chef skills to test and venture into the kitchen to make something extra special (if you feel daring) for your lover. Cooking is one of the most mindful and love-filled activities you could make. Creating something delicious with your own hands is both satisfying and giving. Your partner sure will love the thought of having something made specially for them!
    Mixed Berries Pancakes

  4. Spoil Him/Her with a In-house Spa Experience

    Right, if cooking is not really your forte, give him/her the opportunity to relax, indulge and feel spoilt by preparing a bath at home or a foot massage with flowers, candles and essential oils for extra relaxation and indulgence! They sure will love the extra TLC.
    Valentines 2

  5. Take Him/Her to a Surprise Picnic

    Lastly, why not take your zero waste lifestyle out there and make a super special picnic with homemade goodies (think dips, crackers, fruits, nuts, finger food, etc…), flowers, candles, some cushions for added comfort and an extra-large mat or towel for a lovely evening watching the sunset while you sip some wine. If going out is not an option (aka rain, kids, doomsday…), do it like myself and set it up on your living room or (if you have room) at your balcony/deck/patio…

Creating a special surprise to celebrate Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to cost a fortune or the environment. Making a mindful experience is sure to keep memories for a long time and you are sure to have a great time!

What’s something you do for Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Peace & Love,

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  • Reply
    Hannah Colbert
    13/02/2018 at 2:31 am

    Suprise picnic sounds a lovely idea! Might try this one out 🙂

    • Reply
      Larissa Tedesco
      13/02/2018 at 7:59 am

      It’s our favourite idea! It’s simple but so lovely! 🙂

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