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What’s in my Bag?

What's in my bag 1

It is a common thing these days to show around in your blog what people usually carry in their bags. All items perfectly aligned in a aesthetically perfect flat-lay. So that’s what I’m going to attempt today.

In this case however, I’m gonna share my version of zero waste bag. This one being the bag I carry around when I’m out and about, heading to the beach, the markets or visiting friends.

Also, I need to confess that I found the perfect tote bag to carry all my reusable stuff with me!

What's in my bag 3

Living by the beach as I do, I constantly need a bag that is big enough for my beach essentials but small enough that it won’t be heavy on my shoulder. And this bag ticks it all! Plus, the guys over at The Unique Company donate a lot of their profits to animal organisations that provide support and care to abused animals! So if you are in need of a versatile (and great quality) tote, head to their website and pick one of the 4 designs.

*PLUS: Get 20% OFF on your next purchase by using the code: EATYOURSELFGREExTUC on checkout!

Do you know why I chose this design? Then check this post to read more…

What’s in my Bag?

Anyhow, let’s get down to it! Here’s what I carry in my bag:

What's in my bag 2

  1. Reusable bag
    for shopping trips and any time I end up with extra stuff to carry around.
  2. Stainless steel water bottle
    because I need to stay hydrated…and you should too!
  3. Reusable coffee cup
    for my everyday sacred coffee, amen.
  4. Silverware
    when I’m out, bring my food or I end up having take away, I use my own cutlery.
  5. Stainless steel straw
    for drinks or cocktails…or simply to avoid plastic ones 🙂
  6. Wooden hair stick
    to pull my hair up or for a casual up-do without using hair ties (when possible)
  7. Wallet
    with cards, lip balm, essential oil roller, coins…
  8. Hankies*
    to avoid serviettes or tissues.
  9. Sunglasses*
    because sun.
  10. Occasional book*

*Not pictured

I don’t usually carry anything in glass because I know myself well enough to know that I’d break it very soon. I also don’t carry too much stuff simply because I’ve learnt that even though I had heaps of stuff weighing me down, I’d barely ever would use half of it, so now I’m keeping it simple.

These are my everyday essentials and I usually don’t need anything else other than that. Which saves me a lot of weight to be carried around!

So tell me, what do you carry in your bag? Or what are your absolute essentials?

Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

Peace & Love,

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