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Sample letters to contact Supermarkets, Companies and MPs – Plastic Pollution

Thank you for taking the time to write to the companies you shop with and to your local representatives. We can only bring change in numbers, so please share far and wide and send as many letters/emails as possible. Follow the instructions below (but feel free to add your personal touch) and if you have any comments and suggestions, share them in the comments. Feel free to share this on social media and to your friends so we can all…

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Cauliflower Steak

Cauliflower Steak | Eat Yourself Green

Cauliflower has been the apple of the eye in recent years for its versatility and deliciousness. I’ve been also raving about it for some time and I’m daring to say it’s my new favourite vegetable. People have been adding it to pasta sauces, eating it as rice and turning it into pizzas. But my favourite way of eating cauliflower is as a ‘steak’. It’s obviously far from the vegetables or imitations that actually try to taste like meat. No, no.…

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Vegan Protein Peanut Butter Brownies

Vegan Protein Peanut Butter Brownies | Eat Yourself Green

Did you know that breastfeeding burns around 500 calories a day? No wonder that many new moms end up nutrient-deficient and sometimes losing a lot of weight. I was recommended by my doctor and naturopath to eat well and amp up my daily protein intake but as a new mom, eating more often is hardly achievable and most often than not, very unlikely. So I was excited to find a good way to eat better and more often. Adding a…

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Strawberry Crumble (Gluten Free)

Strawberry Crumble | Eat Yourself Green

It’s Strawberry season! And since I’ve found out a way to buy local, plastic free strawberries (tip: go to your local markets) I’ve been definitely more excited than ever to dip my toes (or fingers in that case) into some berry sweet recipes. I’ve never been a huge fan of strawberry desserts. To me strawberries are best eaten fresh! But recently I’ve been really keen on finding other ways to enjoy my favourite berry. Like jams and…you guessed it: a…

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So, Can I Recycle This? (The Ultimate Guide)

So, Can I Recycle This? (The Ultimate Guide) | Eat Yourself Green

Recycling…it’s a great to start but a bad place to stop. You might have heard that before. However, most of us still struggle to know WHAT we can recycle! If you are that kind of person who’s always asking yourself: ‘So, can I recycle this?’ this post is for you. I’m breaking down on a few of the most common recycling questions I get and sharing some tips and hacks to make you a better ‘recycler’ rather than a wish-cycler.…

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