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Strawberry Crumble (Gluten Free)

Strawberry Crumble | Eat Yourself Green

It’s Strawberry season! And since I’ve found out a way to buy local, plastic free strawberries (tip: go to your local markets) I’ve been definitely more excited than ever to dip my toes (or fingers in that case) into some berry sweet recipes. I’ve never been a huge fan of strawberry desserts. To me strawberries are best eaten fresh! But recently I’ve been really keen on finding other ways to enjoy my favourite berry. Like jams and…you guessed it: a…

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So, Can I Recycle This? (The Ultimate Guide)

So, Can I Recycle This? (The Ultimate Guide) | Eat Yourself Green

Recycling…it’s a great to start but a bad place to stop. You might have heard that before. However, most of us still struggle to know WHAT we can recycle! If you are that kind of person who’s always asking yourself: ‘So, can I recycle this?’ this post is for you. I’m breaking down on a few of the most common recycling questions I get and sharing some tips and hacks to make you a better ‘recycler’ rather than a wish-cycler.…

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How to Create a Second Hand Nursery

How to Create a Second Hand Nursery

It’s been a long time coming (for me at least) but I’ve finally finished our Nursery and I’m excited to share how I did it buying it all second hand (apart from decor pieces). I could say that I spent less than $1000 to put this together but I recognise that I’ve been very privileged by my social and economic position to have a LOT of hand-me-downs, which is not always possible for everyone. I think that most are able…

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Second Hand Capsule Wardrobe: Pregnancy Edit

Second Hand Capsule Wardrobe: Pregnancy Edit | Eat Yourself Green

Early last year, I started sharing my second hand outfits on my Instagram Stories and you seemed to be loving it. So much so that I’ve created some videos too. But now that pregnancy changed everything, I decided to share something a little more specific: a Second Hand Capsule Wardrobe: Pregnancy Edit. I’ve been on the second-hand bandwagon for a long time and specially in Australia, it becomes so easy to find good quality garments for a fraction of the…

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There’s no Environmentalism Without Intersectionality

There's no Environmentalism Without Intersectionality | Eat Yourself Green

This post has been in my drafts for over 8 months. It’s a long time since I first decided to write about this topic but I never felt I was 100% prepared to tackle such a delicate subject. Since then, lots changed, mainly the fact that I’ll become a mother in less than 6 months. What also changed, is the fact that I’ve been learning, reading, researching and unlearning for over a year since I first found out about the…

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