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My Travel Capsule Wardrobe

Travel Capsule Wardrobe | Eat Yourself Green

Traveling has become a constant in my recent years. Nothing to complain here. I’m pretty blessed to have the opportunity to travel to so many amazing places but I like to keep things simple when on the go. Simplifying my traveling routine has helped so much in keeping things easy and flowing at times when we are at our busiest time. No matter if you are traveling to hot or cold climates. Maintaining a simple list and a very clear…

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0 In Lifestyle/ Zero Waste

But What the Heck is ‘Zero Waste’?

Zero Waste | Eat Yourself Green

Every so often I get asked by my friends about how to get started on this whole ‘zero waste’ thing. And more often than not, I get a quick reply as to why they can’t be a part of it: ‘Well, I can’t create zero waste’. Well, the breaking news is: me NEITHER! The whole ‘Zero Waste’ movement is getting a lot of confusion and I feel like we need to talk about this. In fact, there has been so much confusion…

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2 In Dessert/ Recipes

Vegan Polenta Cake (Brazilian Bolo de Fubá)

Polenta Cake | Eat Yourself Green

Second Plant Based Workshop, tick! So happy I got to spend the morning with some amazing people and loved to hear their success stories for repeat customers. Plus they got to try new dishes and one of them I’m sharing with you today! This Polenta Cake or Bolo de Fubá as we know it in Brazil is a typical dish made specially during the Winter harvest festival or Festa Junina where everyone comes together to celebrate the bounty produce that…

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0 In Lifestyle/ Zero Waste

Is it Expensive to Live Zero Waste?

Is it Expensive to Live Zero Waste? | Eat Yourself Green

This week I gave an interview to a university newspaper and one of the obvious questions that popped up was ‘is living Zero Waste expensive?’. So I realised I never really talked about this here, so I think it was time to break this common misconception. Is it Expensive to Live Zero Waste? Well, to ask this question we first need to clarify something first. All lifestyles can be expensive. Some of them can be a lot easier on the…

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0 In Lifestyle/ Zero Waste

How to Host a Zero Waste Party

How to Host a Zero Waste Party | Eat Yourself Green

Just recently I turned 30 (gasp) and for that milestone I had to celebrate. I really wanted to make something special but didn’t want anything too fancy or wasteful for that matter, so I had to put my thinking hat on and figure out how to make this party happen with as little waste as possible. How to Host a Zero Waste Party First things first, you gotta keep it simple. Whatever the special occasion you want to celebrate, it’s…

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