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Homemade Popsicle

Homemade Popsicle | Eat Yourself Green

I have some very sweet memories from my childhood and one the best was of my mum’s icy poles (or popsicle?). Tell me in the comments how do you call them, please. Nevertheless, they were the perfect treat for Summer!Even though Summer just finished here in Australia, I know many still enjoy a cold treat throughout the year, plus Spring has just sprung in the northern hemisphere and you folks can enjoy an icy poles! Popsicle and other frozen delicacies…

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The Cost of Our Obsession with Crystals + Smudges

The Cost of Our Obsession with Crystals + Smudges | Eat Yourself Green

At the risk of sounding a little (or a lot) hypocritical about this, I have to say: we need to stop buying crystals and smudging our homes with sage (or palo santo). What I’m about to say, may shock some. But I needed to talk about this, because like many bloggers with an Instagram account, I’m part of the problem. In case you haven’t noticed, our ‘sudden’ awareness and consciousness and our deep need for connection with mother Earth through…

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4 In Lifestyle/ Opinion

Eat Yourself Green turns 6: a Retrospective

Eat Yourself Green | 6 Years

Oh hey! So nice of you to stick around…I know I’ve been a bit MIA but I needed some time to cool down after what probably was one of the busiest years of my life. There has been so much growth and opportunities happening of late and I didn’t want to miss any of it. So now, after a good rest, I’m back to start the year afresh. I’ve been looking back at these 6 years I’ve been on this…

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Low-Waste Christmas Guide

Low-Waste Christmas Guide | Eat Yourself Green

I’ve asked and you decided you wanted a low-waste guide to Christmas, so here it is! I’m excited that you all picked this instead of a Sustainable Gift Guide because I’ve made one last year (and I just updated it with some extra options). So this year, we can focus on making this holiday season a little less environmentally catastrophic. Since we’ve just survived the madness that Black Friday, let’s focus on getting ready for Christmas and reducing our impact…

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Simple Guide to Meal Prep & Waste Less

How to Prep Meals & Waste Less | Eat Yourself Green

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I have a love & hate relationship with meal prep. You see, I LOVE to eat fresh food and create new dishes, make something interesting, accidentally cook up something delicious. And we all know that you do end up getting a little restricted if you meal prep. To create meals you can eat the whole week, you have to have balanced meals, that will still be yummy and provide you with…

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