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Sweet & Sour Pulled Jackfruit Pie

Sweet & Sour Pulled Jackfruit Pie | Eat Yourself Green

It’s been a long time since I last posted a new recipe here…I’ve been mainly focusing on other parts of the sustainable world but today, I’m back with a recipe that I was excited to try for a long time: pulled jackfruit pie! I’ve bought pulled jackfruit ready to eat before but I never tried making it myself. So yesterday, while we were at the farmer markets, we spotted this beautiful jackfruit and thought that it was a good opportunity…

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Why You Should Start Composting Now

It kinda came to me as a shock but I realised that not many people know that whatever you send to landfill isn’t really composting or breaking down in a giant pit. In fact, all that you send to landfill is just doing that: filling up the land and creating toxic gases that are then sent back to the atmosphere. A landfill is commonly treated as an end option in waste treatment. All that can’t be recycled or composted, is…

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10 Sustainable Valentine’s Day Gifts

Sustainable Valentine's Day | Eat Yourself Green

Valentine’s Day is upon us (again?!) and usually I don’t like to celebrate by giving gifts but I know that most people like to give a friend, lover, SO (whoever you like really) a little something. So today I’ll be sharing my favourite and obviously sustainable, ethical and cruelty free gifts for Valentine’s Day! I think Valentine’s Day screams self-love, coz ya know, you can’t pour from an empty cups girrrrrl…so for all of you who even don’t have a…

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Our Minimalist Home Tour [Part 1]

This weekend I started watching the hyped ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ and it was so interesting to see families growing together in their process of tidying up. Also, it made me realise how blessed I am to have a home that I love, cherish and maintain clutter free. I’ve decided to share a little bit of our home but this is only part 1 as we still have a lot to get done and fixed. Since we are not…

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DIY: Watercolour Paints with Natural Ingredients

DIY: Watercolour Paints with Natural Ingredients | Eat Yourself Green

Since I was a little girl, I always loved colours and paints and thinks colourful. By the age I was 11 my mom signed me up for fabric painting. I was the only young person in the class but I continued and loved it! When I hit high school I gave it up as it wasn’t something cool kids did (insert eye roll) and I forgot about painting for a long time. In the past years, I’ve been longing for…

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