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4 Ways to Make Traveling Vegan Easier in Europe

Being vegan at any given place or time can sometimes be a challenge but when travelling things get a little trickier. One of the places that I’ve found to be more difficult to eat vegan was Europe!

Even though there are several cities that have made the headlines as vegan-friendly in Europe, most of it still makes it difficult to vegans to enjoy their holiday fully. No wonder many people (me included) find it difficult to stick to a vegan lifestyle while on the road.

But fear not! It may sound annoying but it’s not as dreadful as it seems. With a little heads-up and with some handy tips, it all gets easier.

After travelling for 4 months in Europe I’ve managed to learn a thing or two to help you make the best of your Euro trip.

4 Ways to Make Traveling Vegan Easier in Europe

Fast Food

Fast Food (Vegan Style) in Barcelona

  • Be prepared

    Traveling usually means you don’t know where you are going to land up next. In that case, always carry some handy snacks like nuts or crackers. Make sure that you have something to snack on so you won’t be starving. Being hungry is usually a bad combination when you are looking for vegan alternatives.

  • Research before eating


    Vegan Sushi at Restaurant in Portugal

    Find out before hand if a restaurant can cater for a vegan meal. A good app to help you with that is HappyCow.com or even TripAdvisor.com where you can find good alternatives near you.

  • Ask the restaurant to make your meal vegan

    If you end up in a place where you are not sure they have any vegan meals, ask the staff to help you out finding the best option available. In most restaurants, even in countries that are heavy meat-eaters, like Croatia, whenever I asked for a vegan meal, they would offer the options available. Most restaurants are aware of vegetarian and vegan needs and are happy to cater for you.

  • Find the best Vegan destinations


    Spaghetti Aglio e Olio (Garlic and Olive Oil) in Venice

    It’s no secret that Berlin is a great place to eat vegan. Seriously everywhere you go, there’s a restaurant that offer vegan options. For everything! However, there are other countries that are also great at catering for vegan needs. Italy is one of them. Although a country with a heavy culture of dairy and eggs consumption they have basic dishes that are naturally vegan, like Spaghetti Aglio e Olio, Panzarotti, Minestrone or most Bruschettas. Plus, there’s plenty of vegan gelato too!


Traveling as a vegan can be a little more challenging but nowadays it’s getting easier and easier to find options anywhere you go. With a little research and preparation it all gets easier and you are sure to enjoy a happy and cruelty-free holiday!

Have any other tips when travelling vegan? Share them in the comments.

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