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Vegetarian in South East Asia

Vegetarian in South East Asia

YAY!!! I’m finally travelling! It’s such a crazy feeling to wake up in the morning and go for a walk in a new town instead of hurrying to get in time for work (!!!). I think I still need a couple more weeks to get used to all this change. Specially considering that we are in a different place pretty much every two or three days.

So many things to see, do, try and EAT! I’m excited to savour all the different flavours and cuisines. However, it is not as easy as it seems around here…

It’s only been 1 week since we arrived in South East Asia but it is already clear that if I don’t want to eat pecking duck or fish for every meal, I have to look around.

Don’t get me wrong, I can definitely see that SE Asia is bountiful with fresh tropical produce but also with plenty of seafood and any other animal that walks the face of the earth available, which makes it slightly challenging to pick my dinner…

Food Stall in Malaysia

This is what I mean…

So recently, my options have been a tiny bit restricted. Basically my diet consists of: fried rice or rice with green vegetables and once I even managed to find some veggie noodles! I sometimes find an Indian restaurant that serve some veggie curries too. The good thing is, food here is so delicious and cheap that I don’t particularly mind.

hong kong noodles

A (not so common) veggie meal in Singapore


To help me curb my cravings for something more familiar, we decided to sit down at a ‘Western’ restaurant and order some veggie burgers when we arrived in the city of Melaka in Malaysia. The order arrived and we got down to it. Then, the disappointment hit…you know when you crave something and when you get to eat it, it doesn’t taste like you imagine? Yep, it tasted that weird…
(Note to self: do not eat in ‘Western’ restaurants in Asia).

So I think I’m sticking to what the locals eat at the present moment. As we head up towards Thailand, I’m hoping to see other options and hopefully try my favourite Thai dishes (can’t wait!).

Until then, I’m sticking to rice.

P.S.: thank God for fresh juice!


Any tips on what/where to eat in South East Asia? Would love to hear your tips, suggestions and recommendations!

Peace & Love,

Larissa x

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