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10 Tips to Stay Healthy in Winter

Maintaining good health is not easy. And in Winter, things get a tiny little tougher…
I have a very serious problem of lazytitis which afflicts me specially in the morning and makes me delay as much as possible the possibility of leaving bed. In Winter, this syndrome gets even worse! Making me get late to work sometimes and snuggle up in bed earlier at night. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this one.

But as I was saying, keeping colds and flus away during this colder season is not impossible and you’ll get to improve your health for the rest of the year too.

Here I gathered some ~cool~ tips that will keep you warm and fit during winter times and enjoy the good perks of it. Like sipping some hot tea, watching Netflix and/or cuddling in bed. Yeah…I like that.

10 Tips for Staying Healthy in Winter

  1. Keep Exercising
    Exercise is your best friend and forever will. This should be your (and mine too) rule number 1! We are beings that need exercise to stay healthy and thrive. If you ditch exercising when the cold weather settles, you are bound to disaster. I am very much guilty of it as I’ve never been a very athletic person. I would (and sometimes I still do) ditch a couple of sessions and then it all went downhill. Exercising for some people is inherent, for others it’s an effort. But it’s a bloody worthy one. We are not supposed to sit on our asses for hours on end and expect not to get sick. So, this Winter, let’s put those muscles in action. Be it lifting, running, yoga-ing and even gardening (hey, remember, every bit counts!).
  2. Eat Your (Seasonal) Veggies
    Staying Healthy in Winter

    We sometimes forget to stock up on veggies when there are some many delicious (and more often than not unhealthy) food around. However, every season brings us with food that is essential to our well-being. As Summer gives us refreshing watermelons, Autumn and Winter brings us citrusy fruits that pack vitamin C, which is great for the cold & flu season. So remember to buy the food that’s in season and if you are not sure, there are great resources around, like this website here, which shows all fresh produce available in all Australia.
  3. Get out
    Yep, even with the cold weather, going outdoors is the best option to stay cold-free. Get some fresh air and enjoy a walk in the park (see n° 1). Most people get sick when they stay inside with closed windows, leaving no room for new air to come in and renovate the environment.
  4. Drink water
    We usually drop our consumption of water because we don’t feel too thirsty or too hot to drink it. But staying hydrated is key to good health. So keep that bottle of water by your side at ALL times.
  5. ZZZZZ
    Sleep well this winter. It’s probably a silly tip, but really, make sure you are well rested and have a good night sleep. Get comfortable with enough cover so you are not too cold or too hot during the night. This will ensure a better rest and your body with be able to relax and get ready for the next day.
  6. Fancy a cuppa?Healthy in Winter
    Drinking herbal tea is great at any time of the year. But in Winter is even better. It helps you stay warm plus you can pack your cup with great combos, such as mint and honey, ginger and lemon or lemongrass. Green tea is also packed with antioxidants. Just avoid it before going to bed as green tea is also high in caffeine.
  7. Relax
    People that have a time to relax are less prone to get sick. Stress reduces the body’s ability to produce and maintain its immunity system working well. So take some time off and enjoy it like the Italians do their dolce fare niente.
  8. Spicy it up!
    Pumpkin & Turmeric Soup

    We love it hot & spicy! So I add heaps of chilli, cinnamon and ginger to all foods I cook at home (you dirt, little mind). Spices and herbs are a powerhouse of vitamins. Their small size means they are big in flavour and in benefits too. Also add turmeric and oregano, coriander, rosemary and thyme. They are all great seasonings and are very versatile, so you can mix it up and see what you like best. Try this recipe which has turmeric and some great seasonal veggies!
  9. Let’s be friends
    People with a good network of people around them are happier and healthier. Humans are social beings and need support and connection with others to thrive. Get together with your friends and sip a glass of wine for optimal results!
  10. Find your best supplement
    Considering that most our food comes from the supermarket and its probably stayed quite a while there before we purchase it, most of the nutritional value of it is depleted. So even if you do follow a healthy diet, something may be lacking and supplements are pretty important to supply us with all the vitamins & nutrients we need for a better health. Get down to your health shop and find a good quality one. Avoid the ones in the chemists, they are usually a lot more processed and chemically filled than the one you can buy in an organic shop.

I hope these tips help you stay in shape this season and for the rest of the year, really.
They are tips to live by and always do the best you can for yourself. You really deserve it!

Peace and love,

Larissa x

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