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Documentaries That Will Change Your Perspectives


This is clearly a non-food post. But I’m sure you’ll find it as relevant as a healthy green smoothie.

I’m a huge fan of Documentaries. They are not only a great source of information but they are also easier to assimilate as they breakdown a subject that is usually overseen but never really explained deeply to the most of us.

It’s not unusual for me to feel like I have to take action about something that I just watched on a documentary and I think that this is the great achievement of a doc. To instigate change. And it was because of a documentary that I simply decided to go vegetarian overnight (literally).

Documentaries That Will Change Your Perspectives

I’m a firm believer that knowledge is something that must be shared. It’s the only asset that no one can take away from us when everything else is lost. So, I’d like to share some of my favourite ‘flicks’ and help spread the word on important matters that some times slip from us while we are living our lives in this crazy busy world.

So, here they are:

  1. Ilhas das Flores – (Island of Flowers)

    (click on the links for more info?)
    Perhaps, the first ever documentary I’ve ever watched, still at primary school. I gave me such a big reality check that I still cringe every time I have to throw something out. It’s a good reflection to our daily lives and somehow, it is still a very modern movie even though it was produced in 1990. Worth the watch (specially because it’s only 12 min long). This short was made in Porto Alegre (my hometown, so it’s a matter very close to my heart).

  2. Food Inc.

    Food Inc.This movie has to be in this list. One of the most praised docs about the food industry brings up the reality we ignore. After this very movie, I decided to give up meat and started my path on learning how to be a more conscious consumer.

  3. Food Matters

    food-matters-posterFood Matters brings out the best of the forgotten knowledge we had on food and how our views on illness and wellness have changed over the centuries.

  4. Earthlings

    EarthlingsShocking and distressing, this documentary has led the change on how many people relate to their food. The sad truth behind farm factories, cosmetic testing, clothing and entertainment.

  5. Forks Over Knives

    This documentary provides great information on our heavily processed and animal-based society and simply reveals better ways to nutrition and a healthier way of life.

  6. Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

    Fat-Sick-Nearly-Dead The story of an Australian men looking to change his lifestyle through juicing and a completely processed free food life.

  7. Hungry for Change

    hungryforchangeFrom the same creators as Food Matters, they offer more info on how to lead a clean, plant-based diet.

  8. No Impact Man

    no-impact-manFantastic doc displaying the change on a men’s (and his family’s) lifestyle aiming towards producing no waste for a whole year.

  9. Fed Up

    fedupFed Up shows the conflicting interests of the Big Food Industry and the Government in protecting the health of the population as the same time as they protect their profits.

  10. Super Size Me

    supersizemeAlthough it is not recommended to eat only fast food for 30 days, this dude breaks the rules and questions whether it is only our choice that are making us more and more fat.

  11. Mission Blue

    Mission-BlueThe direct link between the health of our oceans and the life in planet. Eye-opening watch with some cruel reality and what we can do about it.

  12. An Inconvenient Truth

    An-Inconvenient-TruthOld but gold.

  13. The True Cost

    the true costDo you know where your clothes come from? Do you know who makes them? Do you know the reality behind your cheap fashion haul? Find out in this movie.

  14. The Cove

    thecoveThe sad reality of a little town in Japan where dolphins are slaughtered to be sold for their meat (although it is laced with mercury) and the sadder destiny of those destined to go to water themed parks around the world.

  15. Blackfish

    blackfishIf you love seeing smiley dolphins and killer whales doing tricks in a ‘gigantic’ tank. Think again. Blackfish shows the disturbing life of extremely conscious and intelligent animals when confined in small pools for our amusement.

  16. Cowspiracy

    CowspiracySuch a great documentary on why the Food and Animal Agriculture Industry wants to hide their responsibility on the greatest environmental issues our world faces, such as: deforestation, world hunger, animal extinction, water scarcity, ocean (!!!) dead zones and so on…A simple choice that can make a huge impact. It just depend on us.

  17. What The Health

    Amazing documentary highlighting the links between disease and diet. An eye-opening watch to help you make the connection between health and diet.

Although these documentaries may be quite saddening in a way, I highly recommend everyone to watch it. This planet is ours to take care of and it is our responsibility to take the matters into our own hands (not talking about starting a riot people, please don’t).

As consumers and citizens, we are the ones responsible for the directions that companies and our government will take and we have the right to ask for better food, safer working conditions, respect towards the animals and specially more conscious use of our land and oceans. We can start a movement, every single one of us can.

If you want things to change, start with yourself. You are a consumer, so be a more conscious one. You are a citizen, so be more responsible for your acts and reclaim the rights you have. If everyone of us can start by simply doing small things like: recycling, eating less meat (or even becoming vegetarian/vegan), drive less and ride/walk more, don’t buy from big chains, buy local, meet your farmer, buy organic, grown your own food, don’t buy processed food, don’t support circus or animal entertainment…the options are endless and you don’t have to do it all, just start step-by-step and you’ll be doing the world some good.

Share this post, start a movement of change.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Ghandi

Peace and love,

Larissa x

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    Yes, I have seen some of these and I got to say they really changed my perspective. The food inc and supersize me were very good choices. Also another documentary a little more in depth to food, watch from farm to fridge. The video is a bit gruesome at times so be prepared.

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