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Noodles of South East Asia

Asia is home to some of the most delicious food in the world! And one of the most popular dishes around here is without doubt: Noodles!

While I’ve been travelling in South East Asia for over 2 months, I’ve been tasting plenty of different noodles. So I thought I should share the most interesting noodle dishes I’ve tried so far!

It is pretty interesting to see all the dishes take shape according to the country’s culture and produce. The resulting mix is always an interesting combination.

Noodles of South East Asia


Singapore is praised by its high quality food for really cheap prices! No wonder you can actually eat at a 1-star Michelin hawker restaurant at a super sweet deal. Hawkers are definitely the best place to find all types of noodles, so I’ve tried my first one there:

Hong Kong Noodles

  • Hong Kong Noodles: basically egg noodles stir fried with shallots, bamboo shots, corn and mushrooms.

I couldn’t be more excited to try my favourite noodles in Thailand, Pad See Ew! I just honestly couldn’t help but to eat at least one of them per day (oops). The eagerness was such that I barely managed to take a decent photo of it. But it looks something like this:

Pad See Ew


  • Pad See Ew: typical Thai dish made with thick rice noodles served with dark soy sauce, greens and egg.┬áSometimes, mushrooms, carrots and corn are also added.

When in Cambodia, I had the chance to try what would be one of my favourite noodles in SE Asia. Unfortunately, I only managed to have it once (sad face).

Lort Cha

  • Lort Cha: this weird looking short fatty noodles are actually extremely delicious and packed with flavour. Served always with lots of greens, bamboo shoots and with an yolky egg on top.

What a surprise this country has been! From amazing adventures to meeting lots of new friends, I can’t ignore how rich is their food culture. It feels like every time I order a plate of noodles, something completely different will be served. Here are a few of the most interesting ones (and nope, Pho wasn’t one of them):

Egg Noodle

  • Egg Noodle: commonly served for breakfast, this delicious bowl of noodles is perfect to wake up to in the cold mornings of winter-y Vietnam. Lots of cabbage, carrot and other greens are served with a mildly seasoned stock and a poached egg is placed on top.

Mi Xau Rau

  • Mi Xau Rau: Definitely one of my favourites! Lots of greens, carrots and other veggies served with a stir fried noodle. Although every time I ordered a Mi Xau Rau (aka Vegetable Fried Noodle) I’d get something that had a totally different seasoning than the previous one…oh well!

Mi Xau

  • Mi Xau: Another one of those dishes that I’ve never been able to eat again. This delicious hotpot is a spicy soup with cabbage, greens and mushrooms. It certainly packs a punch and is a great dish for a cold day!

I’m still looking forward to try some more noodles from Laos and Myanmar and I’ll be updating this list when I try more! Any suggestions I should take? Or have you tried any of those dishes? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your favourite noodle dish!

Peace & Love,

Larissa x

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