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My Minimalist Home

Minimalist Home

After a long time without a home, I now settle (once again) to a new home. I was really looking forward to finally have a place of my own and to be able to cook and relax without having to worry about flatmates, or check-out dates.

Traveling with a backpack for 9 months has really taught me a few things. One of the most important ones, was to keep it simple. And minimal. And so, both my partner and I were really committed in building our home in a more conscious and minimalistic way.

Our other concern, was to make sure we weren’t producing just as much waste as before. I even wrote a whole other post just about that (coming soon).

But also, I wanted to have a home that was simple, easy to clean and maintain, functional and yeah, kinda pretty.

After a lot of research, looking for good deals and for pieces that would be versatile, we put together our home with some clever but few pieces.

My Minimalist Home

So here is a quick sneak peek into our new minimalist home!

Living Room:

Living Room Sofa turns into a bed, allowing for guests to come and stay over. Under the chaise, there’s also some storage.

living room 2Coffee table on the side, doubles as a tray for breakfast in bed or serving when needed.


bedroom Bed has storage underneath, helping to keep all bedding tidy in one place.

bedroom 2Still a work in progress on my capsule wardrobe, but already reduced by half.




kitchen 2 Clean benches and most of the storage is unused.

Kitchen 1 kitchen 4Plastic free kitchen utensils.

kitchen 5Mostly bulk foods and lots of jars (can’t help with those!)

Hope you guys enjoyed the little tour and could get a little bit of inspiration out of my home.

Is your home minimalist too? Share your pics in the comments. Would love to see how you guys are transforming your homes!

My Minimalist Home

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