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2 In Lifestyle/ Women's Health/ Zero Waste

Let’s Talk: Zero Waste Period

Zero Waste Period | Eat Yourself Green

It’s time to talk about periods, peeps. Since I last talked about my menstrual cup, so many good products appeared to make our lives a little easier on said time of the month. Periods are a natural part of our lives and half of the population has them, so it was finally time that more options were created to give period-having people more sustainable options. Like I said when I talked about the menstrual cup, on average we use around…

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0 In Lifestyle/ Opinion

Product Review: The Nordgreen Women’s Watch


Let’s be honest here, I’m not the type of ‘influencer’ (argh, I hate this term) that will go on about selling you crap on Instagram. Every brand I’ve EVER worked with was always researched, dissected and tried and tested before I recommend it to you.ย So, yes I was a little hesitant at first to promote a watch on my sustainability page. But I couldn’t be happier I did. About Nordgreen Nordgreen is a Danish company that makes watches designed by…

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6 In Lifestyle/ Zero Waste

DIY Hand Sanitiser

DIY Hand Sanitiser

*UPDATE: since the COVID-19 situation has become a pandemic, I urge you to stay calm and kind and share your resources if you can. This homemade hand sanitiser need to follow (or even exceed) the alcohol proportions to be effective. Also, remember that hand sanitiser does not substitute hand washing. Hoping you all stay safe and healthy. ย  Since going plastic free I stopped buying some non-essentials, like hand sanitisers. Nowadays, they are ubiquitous in mum’s handbags and I honestly…

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0 In Breakfast/ Recipes

How to Make Strawberry Jam (and how to store strawberries)

Strawberry Jam | Eat Yourself Green

Strawberry season is about to end here in Queensland so I was really happy when I managed to get a bunch of seconds a few weeks ago. Having loved strawberries since I was a little girl, makes this plastic free lifestyle a little harder because as you can imagine, it’s hard to find plastic free option around here. In Australia, only recently I started seeing farmers accept to have their containers reused and I’ve never seen other plastic-free options around.…

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0 In Recipes

How to Make Your Own Water Kefir

How to Make Your Own Kefir | Eat Yourself Green

I first heard about kefir about 5 years ago when I went to Vanuatu visit friends. There, I tried what our friend calls the ‘special juice’. She would give to her then 2 year old and he would love it! It was her way to make him have some fermented food in his diet. I was intrigued and loved the taste. Sour-ish like kombucha but still a little sweet. A few years later and I finally got the interest to…

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