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6 Sustainable Actions That Don’t Involve Recycling

5 Sustainable Actions That Don't Involve Recycling | Eat Yourself Green

With news and constant reminders that our planet is slowly warming and changing forever, many of us tend to get discouraged or simply in denial of the situation. Acting is hard and sometimes overwhelming but we must do something to change our future, if we want to have a positive future at all. Alright, that was a little discouraging perhaps? Truth is, we are too deep into this whole situation and not enough is being done. So you may say…

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How To Dry Your Own Herbs

How to Dry Your Own Herbs | Eat Yourself Green

One of my biggest dreams ever was to have a garden so I could have fresh herbs all year around for cooking. Now that we finally have a lovely garden full of herbs, veggies and fruits I’m having more than I asked for and I need to dry my herbs in order to store it for later. I love using fresh and dried herbs in my cooking. They add depth and flavour to the dishes and they remind me of…

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My Minimalist Skincare Routine

My Minimalist Skincare Routine | Eat Yourself Green

I’ve just read recently how the skincare industry is the new booming market making billions a year. I mean, I always knew that the skincare industry was very profitable but in recent years with the popularity of so many beauty influencers and new skin routines, the industry exploded. In virtue of this boom of highly complicated skincare rituals, I decided to share my routine, which is nothing short of minimalistic. But I’m also sharing this because I want people to…

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Mother’s Day Recipe: Chocolate Granola

Mother's Day DIY: Chocolate Granola | Eat Yourself Green

Mother’s Day is already next weekend and although I know that moms deserve the world, sometimes all they want is a little help in the kitchen and some yummy food (I know I would 😅). So if this year you’d like to make something yourself and spoil mom with a big breakfast, then this recipe is perfect! I love how granola makes the whole house smell like an Autumn morning (weird?) and how easy and simple it is to make…

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What’s the Fashion Revolution & Why You Should Join

What's the Fashion Revolution & Why You Should Join | Eat Yourself Green

On this journey to live more sustainably we all get to a point where we need to rethink our wardrobe. The fashion industry is one of the top polluters in the world and that’s not to mention that this market faces serious problems when it comes to sustainability at a community level too. The Fashion Revolution Week starts tomorrow (from the 22nd to the 28th of April) and I’d like to give my 2 cents of advice on how you…

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