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How to Enjoy Zero Waste Coffee

Zero Waste Coffee

To so many of us, the day can’t start without a good cup of coffee. And for me is no different. Before getting into this whole ‘Zero Waste’ lifestyle I used to own a capsule coffee machine (gasp!). Then, I didn’t even think about the environmental consequences of using those tiny cups full of coffee to power my day. But we all have to start somewhere and the day that I gave away my machine I also started traveling…it wasn’t…

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3-in-1 Chocolate & Coffee Cake Batter (Muffin, Cake & Petit Gâteau)

Muffin, Cake & Petit Gateau

Guys, I was really excited to share my Stuffed Mushrooms with Couscous…but today, I was quite inspired to make muffins as I (finally) got a muffin pan. And this recipe came to life…in a better way than expected. I’ve made this cake batter a while ago for my partner’s birthday and they were such a hit! I totally forgot about it after a while, but I wanted to make this again and this weekend seemed like the perfect opportunity for it.…

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Homemade Nutella (Vegan & Healthy-ish)

Homemade Nutella

It’s been a long time since the day I’ve heard my boyfriend cry for Nutella…but as the good girlfriend that I am, I refused to buy the sugar filled plastic jar. To my bf’s disappointment, it took me quite a while to come up with a recipe for it. But wait no longer…I finally made a homemade Nutella and I’m SO UPSET I haven’t made it earlier! It’s just so much better than the store bought version and taste kinda healthy too…okay,…

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5 Mindful (and Zero Waste) Valentine’s Ideas

Valentine's Ideas

Valentine’s Day is around the corner again and I’m always trying to create ways to make it a little extra special…because everyday it’s day to celebrate love. However, at this day and age, most of Valentine’s Day goes around spending lots of money on things that usually get used once then thrown out or eating out at a restaurant that will be crowded and you’ll be rushed to get out while. As my boyfriend already knows, we are not getting each other anything.…

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4-Ingredients ‘Cake Batter’ Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

When I look for a dessert, there are few things that would put me off from making it. One of the reasons is if the recipe asks for complicated ingredients and crazy utensils. You know…the things you usually don’t have or are probably stuck at the back of your cabinets. But not this one. No…this one is as simple as it gets. This recipe is the kind of recipe that you’ll make when you have to bring a dish but…

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