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DIY: Watercolour Paints with Natural Ingredients

DIY: Watercolour Paints with Natural Ingredients | Eat Yourself Green

Since I was a little girl, I always loved colours and paints and thinks colourful. By the age I was 11 my mom signed me up for fabric painting. I was the only young person in the class but I continued and loved it! When I hit high school I gave it up as it wasn’t something cool kids did (insert eye roll) and I forgot about painting for a long time. In the past years, I’ve been longing for…

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How to Reduce your Waste when Moving

How to Reduce your Waste when Moving | Eat Yourself Green

It’s been a little over a month since my partner and I moved into our forever home. The dream has finally come true and we were beyond excited to move one last time (at least for a very long time). As you know, moving is exhausting and stressful. But also very wasteful. The last time we moved we had just arrived from a 9 month trip around the world and we didn’t have much furniture at all. None in fact.…

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Easy & Cheap Christmas DIY Decor

Christmas DIY | Eat Yourself Green

Hi all! I know I’ve been absent but moving houses is not an easy feat. Caring for our new home, specially with a relatively large veggie patch has been a little challenging. I’ve been trying so hard to keep things organised and get all done before Christmas that sometimes I get carried away in making everything perfect. Truth bomb: ya can’t! Since we will be hosting Christmas at our home for the first time ever, I wanted to make the…

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Sustainable & Local Gift Ideas for Christmas

Sustainable & Local Gift Options for Christmas | Eat Yourself Green

Christmas is a great time of the year. No matter your faith, it’s the time where we all find excuses to get together and spend quality time with loved ones. The problem I see with Christmas is the fact that all the affection and love we are supposed to share with our family and friends needs to be translated in gifts. Materialistic and often times unnecessary gifts are exchanged simply because, that’s the norm. In our home, we haven’t exchanged…

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The Power of Community & the Birth of Plastic Free Gold Coast

Plastic Free Gold Coast | Eat Yourself Green

This Friday, I had the opportunity to get together with some amazing people and start something new. Myself, together with a group of local Gold Coast chicks decided to come together and kick start a project that Jacky had first dreamed of…Plastic Free Gold Coast. The Birth of Plastic Free Gold Coast After we created a chat on Instagram, came the first meeting at Ocean 4218 where Abigail, the owner, had put her life’s passion and turned it into a…

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