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How to Host a Zero Waste Party

How to Host a Zero Waste Party | Eat Yourself Green

Just recently I turned 30 (gasp) and for that milestone I had to celebrate. I really wanted to make something special but didn’t want anything too fancy or wasteful for that matter, so I had to put my thinking hat on and figure out how to make this party happen with as little waste as possible. How to Host a Zero Waste Party First things first, you gotta keep it simple. Whatever the special occasion you want to celebrate, it’s…

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Creamy Capsicum Dip: Vegan & Gluten Free

Capsicum Dip | Eat Yourself Green

Yesterday I gave my first zero waste workshop. And as I always want to keep everyone happy, I made some snacks to keep bellies full. Coz ya know…full belly, happy people. This time I tried with a vegetable I’m not a huge fan of…capsicum (gasp). When I was little, my mom never really used capsicum for cooking so it took me a little bit of time for me to get used to the taste and start incorporating it to my…

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My Zero Waste Kit

My Zero Waste Kit | Eat Yourself Green

Plastic Free July is half-way and we are seeing amazing changes and lots of exciting programs bringing a community together to fight plastic pollution. This week I shared my Zero Waste kit on my Instagram and it was a hit! The movement is getting traction, creating awareness and making small changes in people’s lives, and that’s what this is all about! On the same note, today on my local beach, Burleigh Heads, we had a first ever plogging session. Myself and…

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My Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake

My Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake | Eat Yourself Green

This week was a busy one…Life has been happening at full speed around here. Work, volunteering, blog, business…and then I realised I’m a fully grown-up now. And nothing said that more clearly than the arrival of my 30th birthday. I finally reach my 3rd decade of life and I couldn’t be happier, fuller or more grateful for the amazing journey my life has been so far! I’m working with something I love, building my community around my blog (love you…

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Bag Ban: Are you Ready?

Bag Ban: Are you Ready? | Eat Yourself Green

The Zero Waste movement is based greatly on the power of individuals who together create a community of environmentally responsible citizens. However, it’s incredibly important to have back up from the government to support and encourage lifestyle changes. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of changes coming from official agencies which are finally stepping up and regulating the creation of waste and disposable products. It’s with great pride that we finally see Australian laws changing to ban bags and now also…

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