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7 Things that Happened When I Turned Vegan

Things that Happened When I Turned Vegan | Eat Yourself Green

So, I finally turned vegan. Big surprise to some but something I had growing within me for a while. It was a thought out decision that made sense to me. And putting it in practice was easy once I decided it was the right thing to do.

Since then, I’ve lost a couple of extra kilos I’ve put on while travelling, felt lighter and morally better with myself. However, other things also happened to me…and some of those, I was not expecting at all.

7 Things that Happened When I Turned Vegan

  1. I got sick!

    Yep, that’s right. I got sick just a week after stop eating all animal by-products. ‘Why’ you may ask? Most people that go vegan share similar experiences. Most believe that it’s a way of your body to detoxify and oh boy, I couldn’t agree more! My body worked pretty well at getting all the nastiness out and on the 4th day I woke up brand new. Also, on a side note: hangovers got a little better and easier to deal with (cheers to that!).

  2. I started getting mocked

    As a new vegan, you’ll have to prepare for all the debate that the label carries. Be it online or by your friends you start realising that you are doing something that will piss some people off. Or simply make people think. And some people don’t really react well to all that. NOTE: you not even need to be an activist or ya know…those vegans, it will happen naturally, trust me.

  3. I reduced my going out options

    Doh! It’s kinda obvious but my options going out simply reduced. Mainly because most deals and cheap meals offered serve meat-eaters or vegetarians but not us. I went out to see my friends at a food festival, found a couple of vegan options but when I got my meal, it was probably enough to feed a baby…not a grown up human (insert rolling-eye emoji here).

  4. I got healthier

    beets peasIt sounds obvious but truth is, if you want to be unhealthy and vegan, that’s totally doable. As I love cooking and prioritise whole foods, I started eating even healthier than before. Lots of (more) greens, beans, legumes and vegetables are now on my menu and I’m eating a more balanced diet. My health and the environment are surely thankful.

  5. I started a conversation

    Because of my lifestyle choices, a lot of people actually wanted to learn more and understand why I chose to cut all animals foods from my diet. Some people even were willing to reduce their animal products from their diets and my boyfriend (as usual) is supporting me all the way.

  6. I saved more money

    Since I lack options is some places (ya’ll there’s plenty of vegan options out there!) I ended up choosing to eat at home and saving SO much more! In most places I can get the vegan options for a cheaper price but when there’s no option I simply rather eat at home. It’s healthier, cheaper and oftentimes tastier!

  7. I became more conscious

    Going vegan has made me a lot more alert. Alert to the damage my actions have. Aware of the products I purchase and more conscious of the consequences of choices. All this awareness has given me the opportunity to grow a lot more and to be content with the choices I make as I decided to harm our environment the least possible and save the lives of animals.

Are you a new vegan? Or an old one? Have you been through this or what happened when you turned vegan? Share your stories. I’d love to hear from you!

Peace & Love,

Larissa x

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