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Eat Yourself Green Around The World

Around the World | Eat Yourself Green

Hello there!

As many as you already know, I’m heading on a trip around the world. I know, it’s crazy! And I’ve been getting this response from the majority of people I know.

But it’s also, very exciting! I’ve never in a million years, thought I’d be able to do this. I’ve dreamed about going to distant lands and learning about new cultures, but I never actually thought I would be able to do it. But here I am, writing to you on my flight to my first destination.

I wanted to keep blogging about my recipes but while I’m away I believe this will be a bit of a utopia. However, I don’t want to miss out on sharing my learning on new cultures and new foods and flavours! So, I’m doing something different. I’ll be using this space to share my trip around the world, through food.

Yes, I know, a lot of people have done this before. But I hope I can make it a tiny bit more interesting and exciting. I want to show you that eating delicious, plant-based food is possible, wherever you go.

So please, if you can bare with me, I’ll be sharing with you my personal discovery in world full of different and delicious flavours. And I want you to come with me. I want you to find different options and ingenious ideas on how to eat healthy, vegetarian (and vegan) food all over the world.

Wherever I have the opportunity to share a new recipe with you, I promise I’ll do so. And I’ll do my best to hunt down really delicious flavours for you all to enjoy.

And hey, if you’d like to know where I’m going next or want to tell me where I should eat next, follow me on my Instagram and Facebook pages or leave a comment here. I really look forward to hear from you. And I also would love to hear some tips or places to visit or even meet up if you are a local!

PLUS, my boyfriend and I are sharing all the other adventures on our (soon to go live) blog, Nomaddictives. We are already on Instagram and Facebook too and you can follow our steps wherever we go! Check it out 😉

Also, a huge thank you. To all of you that read this blog, you are amazing! Truly. You make it all worthwhile and possible. Thank you for being around and for allowing me to share my stories with you. So long as you are listening (or reading) I’ll be here writing and sharing my stories.

So, thank you.

Namaste and see you soon!

Peace & Love,

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