Tales of a Vegan 'Chef' | Eat Yourself Green
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Tales of a Vegan ‘Chef’

Tales of a Vegan 'Chef' | Eat Yourself Green

Hello Beautiful Souls!

I hope you all enjoyed the time off at Easter weekend. My partner and I headed up to Bargara, a small town off Bundaberg here in Queensland. The choice of a small beach town wasn’t without reason. My dear friend now lives there with her partner and their 2 beautiful dogs. Nonetheless, they also have a restaurant. A really cool, breezy and funky restaurant. So therefore, we went on our road trip to finally try some of her dishes as she’s an awesome chef and I ended up having a food coma every single day I was there…Oops.

Anyhow, while I was there, my friend had a request. And knowing myself, I knew I would get excited about it. She needed my help as they would have a vegan customer celebrating her birthday and as they are not used to cook vegan food or had any customers ever request so, she wanted some tips. Actually, she wanted a hand. She wanted ME to cook a vegan dish (and dessert) for the guest! And as I was right about myself, I got really excited!

For my own sake and for the sake of my friend’s restaurant reputation, I wanted to make something delicious and beautiful and all possible superb adjectives I could find. However, I had one downside. Time. My mind started racing, flicking through my recipes to find one that would fit all categories.

All I could think of was my recipe for vegan brownies. But that was all I needed! It was a quick, super easy recipe, could be done in a few minutes and it didn’t need much time to cool down. Tick, tick, tick, tick. Sorted.
Vegan Chocolate Brownie

Well kind of…I still had to find a recipe for a savoury dish. And all I could think of was vegan pasta! Like, really? Damn you brain!
There were a few reasons why I simply couldn’t serve pasta right there: It was 10 am in the morning! They were all having brunch, and it was a cocktail sort of thing…

My brain was obviously kidding me. Still, I’ve managed to scrape off that idea and think clearly. So I came up with the next most obvious possibility: a burger. Duh! Because, really, who doesn’t love Burgers?

Well, yes, even vegans love a good burger! So why not?!

I pulled up my sleeves and started prepping it. I must admit that it was a very proud moment for me as I’ve never cooked in a professional kitchen and doing so with my friends around was pretty awesome.

With some flat mushrooms in sight I ended up roasting them and making a flavoursome Chickpea and Carrot patty served on a Mushroom ‘bun’ with Spinach, Tomato and Avocado. Ta-daaa! My dish was done and ready to go!
I wish I had a better picture for it, but that was all I managed to take just seconds before the dish headed out of the kitchen door.

Vegan Chickpea Burger

Anyhow…after all the craziness of being in the kitchen to prepare a special dish, I was really happy with the results and glad that the customer liked her dishes. Such a special feeling!

It made me think for a little while how amazing would it be to have my own restaurant and cook food I loved for people that loved to eat…but that’s a whole different story, right?

Have you ever done something like this? How was the feeling? Would you do it again? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear from you.

Larissa x

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